This weeks specials: Porgy, Red Grouper, Atlantic Mahimahi

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

PORGY 2.95

PorgyU.S. wild-caught from Massachusetts. A smart seafood choice; sustainably managed and responsibly harvested. Mild, lean and flaky flesh, great cooked whole, after they’ve been scaled and dressed.







Red GrouperU.S. wild-caught Gulf of Mexico. Very firm, moist, flaky and has a mild but distinct flavor. Skin will crisp up in a pan or plancha. Red Grouper is sweeter and milder than black grouper.







Atlantic MahimahiWild-caught Barnegat Light NJ. Mahimahi is lean, firm with large, moist flakes and a sweet, mild flavor. The raw flesh is pinkish to grayish-white. Holds up well on the grill or in a pan.




  • Fresh Jumbo Lump Crabmeat—super sweet; 22.95
  • Domestic Wild Tilapia Filet—7.20
  • Royal Sea Bass—great flavor, crispy skin; 5.50
  • Dorade Royale 600/800g—great fish for two; 5.75